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Unleash your child's potential & turn their learning differences into a superpower

We're here to help strengthen your child's mental health and well-being through a specialised therapy!
If you've been told that you have a difficult or misbehaving child it's usually as a result of a learning differences. We are the first holistic English service for families dealing with ADD/ADHD on Cost del Sol.
We address nutrition, drug-free therapies plus more.

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If you need to ask us any questions, you can contact us at the following phone number.

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Why Choose Us?

We help you with problems related to your child’s performance and school routines.

Many families living abroad are forced to move back to their home country as a result of lack of services and support for their children. Their struggle may be related to behavioural issues or adjustment to their new school and home. This can be a big financial, emotional disruptive burden for the entire family. It can also implicitly weigh heavily on the child in question.

Ex. “It was our dream to live in southern Spain, but our son struggled to adjust and was acting-out and not doing well at school.”

Additionally, most families living abroad have their children in private international schools and these schools lack services for specific needs of such children. If these children continue to under-perform or act-out as a result of their condition they can sometimes be suspended or expelled. 

At The Brain Tutor® our therapists have decades of evidence-based experience. We can help you understand, and get ahead of the underlying issues your child is struggling with while maintaining your harmonious expat life.

We offer you quality holistic services by providing unparalleled convenient home-care from your Mediterranean home instead of having to move back to your home-country.

Empower your child to blossom and thrive through specialized therapy!


Our mission at The Brain Tutor® is to engage the brain and body in such a way that it improves the way the brain functions, leading to improvements in how your child feels and functions in all of their daily activities.

Every phase of The Brain Tutor® program from our therapy, to our nutrition program are purposefully designed to engage all regions of the brain and body so change becomes a lifestyle and not a one-pronged approach.

The first step is to understand where we are starting from, it is: 

Building a Supportive Environment requires time and a system. The following is our basic framework, which requires a minimum 3-month commitment.

Our 3-Month Program for Parents and Children

Month 1

Introduction to ADHD, Creating Structure and Routine, Effective Communication Strategies, Building Self-Esteem and Resilience

Month 2

Managing ADD / ADHD Challenges and Enhancing Coping Skills

Month 3

Collaboration and Long-Term Success

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We have an action plan that can turn any chaotic interaction into a harmonious experience.

From homework, extra-curricular activities, chores, play-time and bedtime routines, we have an action plan that can turn any chaotic interaction into a harmonious experience.

If you are one of many non-Spanish speaking families seeking harmony instead of chaos when it comes to school-work with your children, The Brain Tutor® is here to help. We are the first of its kind, a holistic centre on the Costa del Sol, focusing on therapy and support for children and youth 9-18 years of age with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and its modern counterpart, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

At The Brain Tutor® we focus on the positive and turn your child’s weaknesses into their super-power using a reward system among other strategies. The child will feel like a hero when they learn how to function to their full potential using our method.

Our approach is based on a reward and benefit model of behaviour change. We not only focus on the children and their issues, but also involve the family surrounding them as part of a holistic approach. Our mission to involve the entire family, and the teachers is part of our complete systems approach to help empower your child in recognizing their strength and future success.

For this reason, during our free initial-consultation, we sit down and discuss the plan with everyone involved in the child/youth’s daily routines. This child-centric approach has proven effective for decades, as everyone involved must be aware and onboard with the action-plan to help for a smooth journey toward a lifetime of success.

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Is your child experiencing challenges, stress, or emotional difficulties?
Nurture Your Child’s Well-being with our Specialized Therapy!

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If you are being told that your child is misbehaving at school, or if you are struggling to communicate effectively with your child, chances are there is an underlying learning issue that needs to be assessed by one of our professionals. Reach out to us FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATION.

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Once you are a client, we provide a FREE help line for you to reach out to us outside your program any day you are struggling with the program.

How to Get Started?

For your free initial consultation, contact us by providing the following information. Let us help you find the best solution for you and your family!
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Helping children find their voice and build healthy relationships.

Children are the future, and it is crucial for them to find their voice and build healthy relationships. Encouraging children to express themselves helps them develop confidence and assertiveness. By listening to their thoughts and opinions, we empower them to make informed decisions and contribute meaningfully to society. Building healthy relationships teaches children empathy, respect, and effective communication skills. It fosters a sense of belonging, support, and understanding, which are essential for their emotional well-being. Let’s nurture our children’s voices and guide them towards building healthy relationships that will shape their future.

+45 20 62 88 49

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